About Us

North Prairie Regional Water District is decicated to "Serving Rural People A Reliable Service."


MISSION Statement

To deliver a reliable supply of safe, affordable, high quality water to our members; provide exceptional service to our members; and keep informed of water issues that could affect North Prairie Regional Water District due to technology, regulations, funding or political decisions.


North Prairie Regional Water District envisions an active role in the increasing local, regional, and National prominence that water delivery will have in the future. While recognizing the precious nature of the resource, North Prairie envisions system growth necessary to provide effective water access and delivery to an expanded area, application of the art water filtration and treatment procedures, and a responsiveness to the needs of our customers and community.


North Prairie Regional Water District faces a future of probable national and worldwide potable water shortage. We will continue to work with NAWS and The Three Affliated Tribes, City of Minot and our own water treatment plant to bring a quality water source to our region. With other water users quest for quality water sources, water will become an even more precious resource.

North Prairie Regional  Water District, as operator of a rural water delivery system, and owner of water permits, can be considered a major player in water issues. These issues can range from water distribution, filtration, and treatment technology, to new regulations regarding sewer treatment and recycling for multiple uses.

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