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2023 Annual Meeting

January 11, 2023

North Prairie Regional Water will hold its Annual Meeting on March 13th 2023 with registration at 3:45 and meeting to follow at 4:15 P.M. at 52 Pines located at 3220 Grayson Drive Burlington ND 58722. Director positions up for election are for the following areas 1D, 6D and at large.  The nominations committee will accept letters of interest from members of the board and confirm in writing from all nominees their interest and willingness to accept position on the board of directors. Members of the nominations committee are not excluded from being nominated for any position.  All nominees for directors must be a participating member, reside in the District's boundaries, and reside in the...

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Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

Welcome to Winter - Are Your Pipes Ready?

January 03, 2023

Can you flush your toilet if your pipes are frozen? ...Talk about questions you “wish” you had asked!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that wonderful time of year when the worst of winter is looming upon us. And the Farmer’s Almanac has been warning us that the winter of 2023 will be both long and cold. So, we ask you… are your pipes ready? 

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