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Water Cents Scholarship - An Educational Opportunity

The National Energy Center of Excellence at Bismarck State College - Water & Wastewater Technology  http://energy.bismarckstate.edu/programs/water/

The purpose of the "Water Cents" program is to fund a water scholarship for persons interested in getting an education in the water industry.


Any family member of a current NPRWD subscriber/customer is eligible to apply for the educational scholarship.

Upon receipt by the General Manager of NPRWD of a letter expressing an interest to apply; the individual will receive an application form describing the eligibility requirements for enrollment at Bismarck State College in their water technology course. There will also be a request for a brief statement from the individual describing why they are applying and the expectations they have if accepted.

The Chairman of the Board of NPRWD will appoint five members to a selection committee. Applications for the scholarship program will operate on an annual basis (time of the annual meeting). Prior to the annual meeting, the committee will review all applicants, secure additional information if necessary, and select the primary and secondary candidate (secondary if the primary is for some reason is unable to begin or complete the training). The selection will be announced at the annual meeting.

The scholarship will be used to pay for tuition, books, fees, monthly allotment and other related educational costs. The dollar amount will be determined the first year based upon customer participation.

If the selected individual fails or for any other reason discontinues the training (excluding death); the individual will be liable for all scholarship funds expended by NPR WD for his/her training.

Upon completion of the training program (one academic year); NPRWD guarantees full time employment at its' Minot base of operations. The salary and benefits will be commensurate with the personnel policies at the time of initial employment. If the individual successfully completes one year of employment, the dollar amount expended through the scholarship program will be considered paid in full with no further obligations.

NPRWD reserves the right to discontinue the scholarship program at any time if volunteer customer participation does not provide sufficient funds to meet projected costs.