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North Prairie & North Central Annual Meeting

North Prairie Rural Water District & North Central Regional Water District are holding their Annual Meeting,Monday, March 13th,2017. Holiday Inn Riverside, 2200 Burdick Expy. E, Minot in the Rhodes/Exhibition Room.

Tickets are $5.00/person for the meal. Please contact our office at 701.852.1886, or by 3.8.17 as to how many will be joining us for the meal. The meal cost can be added directly to your water bill. There is no charge for attending the meeting only.

NP Director Nominations:

Directors up for re-election and nominations:

John Bearman - Area 1D

Clay Anderson - Area 7D

Maria Effertz-Hanson

** Nominations for directorships can also be made...

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Technological Breakthroughs from 2016:  Can Virtual Reality Help Paraplegics Regain Mobility?

Technological Breakthroughs from 2016: Can Virtual Reality Help Paraplegics Regain Mobility?

Last month we reported on many positive stories from 2016 —good news that you might not have heard:  Desalination plants bringing water to the desert, the elimination of measles in all of the Americas, infant mortality rates decreasing in Russia and life expectancy increasing in Africa. Great strides were made in the areas of world health, conservation, and, not surprisingly, technology. This is certainly an era of astonishing technological advancement; the science fiction of yesteryear is the reality of this year. From smartphones to smart watches to smart homes, technology is changing the way we live. And sometimes in amazing ways .  .  .

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